Trip of Michal ! His special encounter in JAPAN.






Trip of Michael!

His special encounter



What is an international academy?

I receive authorization as an authorized program in JCI in Amsterdam in 1987.
Thereafter I held an international academy in all over Japan and produced 3,000 graduates.

I deepen the mutual understanding between youths gathering from all the countries of the world while adopting the occasional theme and the theme of the site.

I brought up the tomorrow's global leader and have been held in order to contribute to lasting and eternal world peace establishment

The world young leader that one of the popular plans is homestay of international academy spends 3rd in areas on 2nd

I cooperated this time as homestay and spent time with Michael who came from the U.K.


"The hospitality" that I prepared for is business of local JC.


I had Michael participate in interchange business of the family whom Kumagaya JC sponsored.And a featured plan of the business "is a making of family precepts program"


In the glance of Michael, I became the student attending a lecture of the first foreigner for only first experience and me























What are KAKUN 


KAKUN = family precepts



 There are many people to give the height of courtesy and the manner to as the characteristic that I examined from an overseas person of Japanese.


As an example, many people who I stand in line by the getting on and off of a crowded train properly at a home, and are waiting.


Or many people who I wait for a turn properly at stricken areas, and receive support seem to be talked about with surprise 


Where would such characteristic of Japanese cultivate it?

I assert that "education at the home" includes me at this source.


Unlike Western countries in a series of continents, it is geopolitically supposed that it produced calm national traits to have been an island.


One, an earthquake and a tsunami. Even if it was a minimum rule to be concerned with  life "to help each other", in Japan with much natural disaster such as typhoons, it is thought


The high evaluation from the foreign countries is nice obediently.


However, in late years such a high "mos" came to have many voices to sound an alarm bell 


I think that the morality that I inherited as a Japanese has been brought up among families.And I think that it is necessary to expand home training if morality decreases 


 I appeared at various opportunities that I heard such father, the scream of mother, and there was it, and to plan solution and held the seminar of "the making of family precepts".    


In these five years, I receive training mainly on a PTA or junior chamber of commerce for 180 times, the various places more than 8,000










What are KAKUN  

KAKUN = family precepts   


"The family precepts" were culture to leave a legend and a lesson for a descendant and rooted in Japan from ancient times. 


The family precepts are grandfather, wisdom of grandmother, and I learn it if they do not really take good care in the life, and rules overflow  


However, there are no family precepts in 99% of houses in modern Japan.


I think that the morality that I inherited as a Japanese has been brought up among families.And I think that it is necessary to expand home training if morality decreases


The family precepts that we suggest are simple customs.

And such a custom makes the splendid life.


As an example, Ishikawa of Sayama-shi where a seminar was attended made family precepts "to prepare shoes".


It was only it and was tell when I had the wonderful change that there was many it in a family because the whole family followed one rule.


A custom to make with the making of family precepts promises the splendid life to a family.The study of the school is important, but more important thing, it are right customs. 










Splendor of "family precepts"


There is no holy thing in the world than the love of the parent.It will be how splendid thing if I can distribute the love that I got from a parent to neighboring people.

Not only I bring up a child, but also the making of family precepts makes the right posture of the parent.
And I remember the love that I got from a parent and can learn a hint by the seminar of the making of family precepts to spend every day happily


It is said that the society has many problems as for many people.
However, my thoughts are different. When it is one's problem not society if I have a problem.

At first oneself takes the lead and is the first shortcut where it brings peace to bring up the love with neighboring people.


"The making of family precepts" is an important key realizing world peace that most of business of JC make community and pray for peace.


Please challenge "the making of family precepts" at this opportunity












海外の人からみた日本人の特徴として、礼儀正しさや、マナーの高さをあげる人が多いです。 たとえば、混雑した電車の乗り降りで、きちんとホームで整列して待っている多くの人。あるいは、被災地などできちんと順番を待って支援を受けている多くの人が驚きと共に語られるようです








わたしは、そんなお父さん、お母さんの悲鳴をききつけ、解決を図るために、様々な機会に登場し、「家訓づくり」のセミナーを開催してきました。 この5年間で、PTAや、青年会議所などを中心に、180回、8000名を超える方々に対し研修をおこなっています






そして、もし道徳が減っているならば、家庭教育を充実させる必要があると考えます わたし達が提案する家訓とはシンプルな習慣です。そしてそんな習慣が、素晴らしい人生をつくります。








多くの人は、社会には問題が多いといいます。しかし私の考えは違います。もし問題があるとしたら、それは、社会でなく、自分の問題であると。 まず自分が率先して、周囲の人との愛情を育むことが、平和をもたらす一番の近道です。

 JCの事業の多くが、コミュニティーをつくり、平和を願うように、「家訓づくり」も世界平和を実現させる重要な鍵です。 どうぞこの機会に家訓づくりに挑戦ください